Services Offered

Maximum Resistance Storm Shutters is proud to present the following services:

  • Storm Shutter Installation
  • Storm Shutter Maintenance and Repair
  • Hurricane Panel Put Up, Take Down
  • Aluminum Clam-Shell Awnings
  • Garage Door Installation and Bracing
  • Garage Screen systems

Storm Shutter installation
Free estimate for the exact cost of the installation, no hidden charges ever. All products are FBC and or Miami Dade County approved, even the hardware used. A full line of products are available , to suit every budget.  All installations are done by highly qualified technicians.

Storm Shutters Maintenance and Repair
Accordions stuck again or squeaking? Roll-downs not working. Use our professional services to help prepare, clean, and maintain your shutters before the storms arrive! Maximum Resistance Storm Shutters can help you keep your protection against storms in working order.

Hurricane Panel ‘Put Up & Take Down”
Seasonal and Per-Storm rates available. Includes storm preparation consultation. Panels will be put up within 48 hours once a hurricane warning advisory has been issued for your county, Panels will then be removed within 72 hours after the storm has passed.

Retractable Fabric Awnings
Authorized dealer for Sunesta Retractable Fabric Awnings. Sunesta Awnings are made in the USA. The awnings can be motorized or manually operated. The awnings are available in 100’s of colors and sizes. The have up to a 15 year warranty. They can reduce you energy costs also.

Aluminum Clam-Shell Awnings
Aluminum Shade Awnings are very popular product to protect windows and curtains from the sun. Awnings also allow you to keep your window open during light rain storms. We offer them in 20 colors. The colors can be mixed however you want. For example the main color can match the wall of your home and we can add one or two feature slats on each side to match the trim color of your home. Typically on narrow windows of 3 foot or less one trim color on each side looks good. On wider Awnings two striped slats on each side separated by one wall color will look good.
Aluminum Hurricane Impact Awning Miami-Dade County approved Hurricane Impact Awning.
These awnings have an aluminum backing and many fortifying ribs inside which give this awning enough strength to pass Dade County’s tough standard. The Dade County Hurricane Impact Awning costs exactly two times the shade awning. They look the same from a distance but once you look under the awning you will be highly impressed with all the additional stainless steel screws and metal. It is substantial. This awning is designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

Garage Doors
Installation of FBC and Miami-Dade garage doors. Bracing for existing doors with the Secure door bracing system is also available.

Garage Screen systems
Installation of many types of screen systems – Four panel track screens, Roll-up screens and Breezy Living systems